Corrections officers may have falsified Epstein reports

The prison guards for alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein may have falsified the records showing that they were checking in on the jet-setting financier leading up to his apparent suicide at the Manhattan Correctional Center on Saturday.

Mola Lenghi of CBS News reported Tuesday evening that a law enforcement source said “corrections officers may have falsified the reports that they checked on Jeffrey Epstein as required by protocol.” He further said Epstein had been assigned a cellmate, but the fellow prisoner posted bail on Friday, leaving Epstein alone the day before he died. Lenghi said another source noted that “it appears Epstein had been dead one to two hours before he was found.”

The Bureau of Prisons said Epstein was found “unresponsive in his cell” on Saturday morning in the Special Housing Unit following “an apparent suicide.” Many questions remain about why Epstein was taken off suicide watch despite allegedly being found nearly unconscious on his cell floor with marks on his neck back in July and why such a high-profile prisoner was not more closely monitored.

New York City’s chief medical examiner said the official cause of death is still being investigated, saying on Sunday the final determination was “pending further information at this time” and saying today there was “no determination expected today” and “no timeline we can provide at this time.”

The DOJ said earlier Tuesday that the warden for the prison had been “temporarily reassigned” to a northeast regional office “pending the outcome” of investigations currently underway. Two other prison staffers were placed on administrative leave.

Barr said Monday that he was “learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation.” The FBI and the DOJ inspector general are both investigating the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death.

President Trump told reporters Tuesday he was “absolutely demanding” a “full investigation.”

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